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Aston-on-Trent Parish Council

What We Do
The Parish Council is the tier of local government closest to the people, as such one of its key roles is representing the Parish in formal consultations in many matters relating to both Government and other aspects of village life. The Parish Council obtains its powers through a wide range of statutes which both allow and regulate its activities. The main activities undertaken by the Parish Council include:
  • PlanningThe Parish Council is consulted by the planning authority on all developments affecting the village and responds to all applications. The Councils adopted policy is one of conserving the Parish as a village.
  • ConsultationThe Parish Council has the right to be consulted on many local and national government issues and provides a local perspective in response to consultation requests.
  • Flower DisplaysMany businesses and residents make generous donations towards the purchase of floral displays for the Village. The Parish Council then maintains the hanging baskets and floral fountain display.
  • Christmas TreeThe Parish Council provides a village Christmas Tree.
  • Play AreaThe Parish Council own the playing field. South Derbyshire District Council inspect the equipment on a yearly basis and forward any maintenance issues to the Parish Council.
  • FootpathsThe Parish Council maintains local footpaths within the Parish.
  • Village MaintenanceThe Parish Council owns notice boards, seats, litter bins, Aston Pump and maintains these and a range of other assets around the Parish.
  • Open SpacesA number of key open spaces in the village are maintained, cut and planted by the Parish Council. (The Green, Playing Field, Recreation Centre, Planters, Bowling Green, etc). It is the Parish Council's policy to not cut down any healthy trees.
  • PublicityActivities are publicised via the Parish Council notice board, Facebook, this web site and in the Village Magazine "ACORN".
  • Village CleaningThe Parish Council employ a lengthsman. His duties include; sweeping the roadside, clearing/litter picking, weeding paths, pruning, clearing leaves, emptying Parish Council owned litter bins.
  • Derby Road CemeteryThe Parish Council is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the burial ground. Grave owners are responsible for tidying graves and the security of headstones. Enquiries regarding burials should normally be made via your appointed funeral director. Funeral directors should contact the Clerk for details of rules and fees.
  • SecuritySecurity consideration including liaison with the local Constabulary and Police Authority is a regular activity of the Parish Council.
  • Summer ActivitiesThe Parish Council provide sports based play sessions on a weekly basis throughout the Summer Holidays, which are held on the playing field.